Warranty and Return


Original FIAT and ALFA ROMEO motor vehicle parts are granted a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.
Please notice the following important statements:

  • The warranty is granted to the original new parts ONLY.
  • All claims related to the defects of the parts revealed during utilization can be presented during the time of validity of a warranty. The warranty period is calculated from the day of assembly of the part.
  • The warranty is not valid if the defects occurred not due to the fault of a seller of a manufacturer. For example: due to improper utilization, accident, assembly without application of the requirements established by a manufacturer, chemical effect, etc.
  • The warranty is not applicable to the parts replaced during a periodic vehicle maintenance service, such as filters and spark plugs, with the exception of those cases, when the defect is detected before the parts must be replaced during the following periodic maintenance service and if the defect occurred due to the manufacturer's fault.

The parts listed below are considered to be wearing parts, therefore they are granted a limited warranty:

Incandescent lamps  - up to 10.000 km 
 Front brake pads - up to 20.000 km
 Front brake discs - up to 20.000 km
 Spark plugs - up to 40.000 km
 Rear brake pads - up to 40.000 km
 Rear drums, brake discs     - up to 40.000 km
 Injectors for gas - up to 40.000 km
 Cluch - up to 40.000 km
 Belts (alternator, timing)  - up to 40.000 km
 Glow plugs  -up to 50.000 km
 Diesel fuel injectors - up to 50.000 km
 Dampers - up to 60.000 km
 Exhaust system - up to 60.000 km
 Wiper blades - 4 months
 Front window - 4 months


Return and replacement of goods is carried out in accordance with the Rules For Return and Replacement of Goods approved by Order No. 4-243 of 15 March 2012 of the Minister of Economy and the Rules For Sale of Goods and Provision of Services When the Contract Is Concluded by the Means of Communication approved by Order No. 258 of 17 August 2001 of the Minister of Economy.

Replacement and Return of Defective Warranty Parts

Do you need to replace a part of your automobile, the warranty period of which is still valid? It is simple!
1. Contact the administrator of an authorized FIAT and ALFA ROMEO service and you will be offered an appointment convenient for you for your automobile check-up.
2. Come to the service at the appointed time, where the problem will be determined and a suggestion will be made on how to solve it. The warranty parts will be replaced free of charge, i.e. you will not have to pay for the work.

Authorized FIAT and ALFA ROMEO services: 

Vilnius  UAB „Autobrava Motors", Žalgirio g. 112a  phone no. +370 5 2461722 
Kaunas UAB „Krasta Auto Kaunas", Partizanų g. 75C       phone no.+370 37 210 503
Klaipėda        UAB „Krasta Auto Klaipėda", Dubysos g. 25A phone no. +370 46 236 972


  • If a spare part was assembled in an authorized FIAT anD AFLA ROMEO service, one must provide a spare part purchase document (an invoice received upon purchase);
  • If a spare part was not assembled in an authorized workshop, one must provide a spare part purchase document (an invoice received upon purchase). For evaluation of legitimacy of a claim you will be asked to provide a document confirming the assembly of a spare part (workshop invoice), which must state a date of assembly, vehicle body number and mileage. If you are unable to provide this document, please come to one of our authorized garages for a check-up.
  • If a defect of a spare part is noticed before assembly, a purchase document (received upon purchase) of a product must be provided together with the returned product. We will cover the return costs of such products.

Return and replacement of high quality spare parts and other products

If you would like to return a purchased product, you can do it not later than within 7 working days from the date of delivery.
If due to a particular reason the product is not suitable for you, we will replace it with a suitable one. If we do not have a suitable product available, we will return you the money you paid for the product. Please notice that:

  • Only unused clean products in an original packaging with the original undamaged marking can be returned.
  • Upon return of a high quality product depending on your request we will either return the full amount of money paid for the product or will replace the unsuitable product with another one (where price difference, if any, must be covered).
  • Purchase document (an invoice received upon purchase) must be provided when returning or changing any products.
  • The Buyer must cover the shipment costs when returning or replacing any high quality products.
  • If we deliver a wrong product, we will cover the return and shipment costs of the new product.

For more information or questions please contact us by phone +370 612 48219 or email us pagalba@fiatdalys.lt

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